Virtual Assistant

Digital interaction humanized

The virtual presenter is an innovative product that greatly succeeds in capturing your audience’s attention and to inform them on... basically whatever you want to! Creating the illusion of a real person, this interactive projection can be your representative at various events and it should be considered the most effective point of sale material.


It’s not a hologram. It’s better!

The way the Virtual Assistant works is via digital projection on a plexi glass surface. The result is not tri-dimensional, but it allows more functionality than a hologram. The additional option of integrating a tablet or an LCD screen really makes the assistant come alive! This way, it can interact with the users, answer questions and offer solutions helped by a touch-screen interface.

The next best thing in point of purchase, sale, marketing

The Virtual Assistant can be you! It can proudly represent you at events and answer the predefined questions your users may have. It can also be a good counsellor for parts of your audience that are not quite fully informed on your product, service or brand. Having a Virtual Assistant will definitely mean that all eyes are going to be on it! Imagine even having it in a museum – a static guide that answers questions and keeps the visitors’ attention focused!

Interactive projections on any surface

Interactive projections get your consumers inside a memorable experience. Think of it this way – a message identified immediately among millions of others is really the most efficient, right? No other kind of advertisments work better than interactive ones, and interactive projection is the innovative way to turn any surface into your own creative marketing canvas. You can use floors, walls, shop windows and many other surfaces, allowing your users to touch you and your brand!


  • The WOW factor – you have to admit, you’d interact with it, too. It’s a new way to experience marketing, advertising and story telling

  • Completely customizable digital signage solution that we will tailor to fit your brand message perfectly

  • It’s the most innovative way to bring your story to life and get your users to listen to it

  • Direct sale has always been big on behavioral change – having a representative at the point of sale will mean direct communication to your audience, engagement and an increase in sales.