Oculus Rift

The headset that finally makes immersive virtual reality an actual reality

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality 3D headset that uses 360-degree head tracking to actually make you feel like you’re inside a different world. For example, looking to the left and the right will automatically pan the scene in those directions, making it seem as natural as when you’re looking around in reality. The eyewear is designed to offer visualization in the same way your eyes perceive reality – using parallel images for each eye.

What we do at Evolve Media is develop the virtual reality experience and the immersive games for the Oculus Rift.


Oculus Rift for your brand

When it comes to interaction and presentation techniques, the Oculus Rift is out of this world! Literally! It’s got the potential and means to actually transport the viewers into another world. The consumers actually get an initial feel of what you can offer them – imagine how memorable it may be for them to get a quick peek at the Audi R8 before actually getting into one, or to stroll down the streets of the country they’ve always dreamed of, just when they were thinking of booking a ticket there! Standing on the pitch at the World Cup Finals has never been easier!

The future of virtual reality

We’re not just talking gibberish! Virtual reality is really going to change the way every industry presents itself and the way consumers “touch” and feel the brands they’re going for! With experience as key word, within 3 years you’ll be able to *experience* anything, communicate with anyone, buy from anywhere; you’ll just need a helmet on and a comfy seat!

Content creation

You’re probably thinking how it all becomes real. We’ve got the entire expertise to cover pre-production, creative & concept development, conceptualization, live shooting and streaming, content re-touching / development, interface & user experience design and content distribution onto bespoke and third party platforms! We’re big fans of VR and we think with it you’ll be able to provide deeper and more memorable experiences than with any other media you’ve dealt with in the past.


  • Get the customers to feel what you’re offering them

  • Develop an easier way to sell services – by offering an experience demonstration

  • Give your events a creative nudge and don’t just put words about your service on a slideshow