Touch. Input. Inspire.

Multi-touch is an input method that works on a flat touchscreen. It offers outstanding image and video quality combined with excellent touch logging for multi-user scenarios. In the same time, more users can interact and access different media and applications, be them independent from one another or connected. The users can work together to make the magic happen, or they can get creative on their own.


The more the merrier!

Having more than one user means you can create the community around your product, service or just brand, and let them choose the way they want to go on their journey. Whether you’re going for multi-touch screens or tablets, we’re here to guide you every step of the way and create the content the way you need it.

Multi-Touch gestures

Multi-touch gestures are predefined motions used to interact with multi-touch devices. An increasing number of products that you probably already own, like smartphones, tablets, some laptops and desktop computers feature functions that are triggered by multi-touch gestures.

What we do is develop custom multi-touch apps to captivate and deliver the results you’re craving for, through

  • Single and multi-user applications

  • Multi-touch exhibits, applications and software

  • Powerful presentations

  • Single or multi-player games


  • Let the consumers use their imagination to go through
    your brand journey

  • Get discovered in ways you haven’t thought possible

  • Allow interaction between users and let them create stories together