Mobile Apps

Brands on your fingertips

You’ve all probably said at least once in your life “Oh, I’ve got an app for that”. And for those things that you don’t have an app for, we’re here to help! At Evolve Media, we design iOS and Android applications for different sectors, going from marketing, culture, tourism and heritage, entertainment and even engineering. But that’s not all! We use features like Geolocation and Augmented Reality mixed with all sorts of Multimedia content to help your users be better informed or entertained!

Easy to use, easy to love

The way smartphones and tablets got rooted so deep in our society isn’t a surprise for anyone anymore. So we adapt to the traffic increase from mobile devices versus PCs. We’re staying on top!

How do we do that? By developing mobile applications fully adapted to your business, and its growing need of mobility. Let’s face it, people access information anytime and anywhere! And you need to stay on their radar!

App types



If you need a multi – platform solution, we’re your guys! The one-stop-shop for mobile applications solutions!

We understand the whole mobility thing and the need to do it right and do it fast! That’s why we’ll work so your product gets to the intended audience within days from completion!


  • Stay up to date with the mobile trend of your audience

  • Get your brand on all communication channels

  • Plan your campaigns so they’re easy to access from a mobile device

  • Engage your audience even if they’re away from their PCs.