Kinect Applications

Get in motion

The gesture recognition technology of the Kinect device has inspired us to develop interactive experiences for any kind of brand. With a great deal of ways you could benefit from this technology, the applications range from casual games, gesture controlled experiences, interactive questionnaires, user generated art, you name it. Expressing your brand has never got more creative!


Capture your audience’s attention!

When it comes to trade shows, mobile tours and experiential campaigns, it doesn’t get more captivating than an interactive installation.

Engaging user experience

With the Kinect sensor combining gestural, facial and speech recognition technologies, it inspires human creativity and connectivity. Your audience is engaged and is interacting with you and your brand in ways they’ve never thought before!

Gestures interaction

In terms of interaction, having a bunch of wires and devices tied to you can be a turn off! Kinect is using motion tracking, which means the entire control of the scene is made with the person’s body. Imagine how linking these movements to a virtual environment and characters can change the way you project your audience in your brand’s life!

Main benefits

  • You inform and educate your clients regarding the products and services differently – using full interactivity and great visual impact

  • Consumers actually listen and care about what you tell them

  • Your customer is included in your communication

  • Your brand becomes more available for them and easy to understand