Augmented Reality

State-of-the-art 3D technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is an awesome visualization tool, placing your virtual product, property and vehicles in the actual hands of your audience, whenever and wherever you want to!

We’ve come to realize that the AR applications that use the latest technology in the field can be applied in so many different areas! Ranging from marketing, education and even at different events and museums, this “in your face” interaction only means added value to your brand! Oh, and there’s more! We can implement them even on mobile devices, for both Android OS and iOS.


Marker-based AR

Raise your hand if you have a smartphone! We know, it’s really become an extension of your hand! However, did you think how it can open up new brand activation opportunities? We’re talking about discovering different objects, showing animated content, controlling a virtual car, the sky’s the limit!

Having as marker a static picture or graphic previously used in your marketing efforts, you can combine it with AR and give them an awesome twist – with your targeting better differentiated!

3D object recognition

Different from the marker-based AR technology, this software processes the real 3D model data and allows it to bend to new applications and functionality. Building facades and real products (actually, mainly every 3D object or device) can now be superposed with digital 3D data and visualization.

Motion tracking air

Those of you, who haven’t raised your hand at the smartphone question, have no fear! AR doesn’t only go on smartphones.

Our motion and gesture tracking systems allow the user to directly control or interact with the 3D content they see on a screen in front of them! We’re masterminds in software systems that recognize any kind of shapes and render a 3D content to it. It’s like an avatar! Actually, it’s exactly an avatar with content overlaid on the user!


  • The client doesn’t have to make big efforts to interact

  • Your audience can project themselves on the various marketing materials

  • The targeted segment can actually find the relevant information for them

  • Promo campaigns can be easier made accessible to the customer

  • Any user can control your product’s 3D rendition, thus inspiring the transparency of what you’ve presented